Signature Check Proof Seal Module

This proof seal model is for verifying / proving that:

A)  Signatures digital and scanned are present and are a match to an original.

B) That the who, what, when, where, how provenance for any manual checks for signatures have been carried correctly, provably and according to regulations.

The signature check Proof Seal Module model captures the following data events, workflows and outputs:

Data and Workflow Evidence Keys Captured in Module:

· Client Organisation (e.g ABC delivery Co)

· Data Controller (A.B Dipstick – HR Manager)

What was signed, where GEO location.

· Signature Submission Date

· Submission Mode (digital or manual by email, post, Webpage, in application, in person)

Matching method: Manual, machine digital image match,

Matching method : accuracy level required: 80%, 100%, 60%.

· Subject (e.g. delivery of package)

Submitted (date), time, place,

Time limitation for signature:

Who was supposed to sign:

Who signed :

Can a proxy sign: Yes / no

Does a named proxy have to sign: yes / no

No signature:

Machine digital image match, Signature pass / fail : no match pass to manual yes / no,

Manual signature: pass / fail

Data and Workflow Captured:

· Associated criteria (yes/no)

· Timeline Extension granted (yes/no)

· PARENT data set created

· Define SUBJECT details

· Approval/Sign-off

· Create zip-file (for output/export to Subject)


· Zip file of hard-copy fully redacted document set containing Subject’s details

Evidence Proof points:

· Zip file output created – filename

· Contents (e.g. 32 documents)

· Date

· Subject Name

· Approver/Authoriser (in organisation)




This Module can be customised. Contact Dom Reid for detail.